GC or Renovation Contacts Needed - Nashville, TN

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Hello All! I am looking for contacts in the Nashville area that can assist me with a renovation project of a kitchen & bathroom. The renovation/rehab will include the following work: painting, tile work (flooring, shower, back splash), plumbing to relocate sink & toilet, wall removal, drywall finishing,  electrical, etc. 

This is my first rehab in the Nashville area so any recommendations are greatly appreciated. 

@Eli King Aren't we all! Contractors have been the bottleneck to faster growth for me. Very difficult to find good ones. PM me and I can send you a couple I use.

Gentlemen, I am a noob on this platform. Just yesterday I bought my first investment property ever. Will be closing on that next Wednesday.

Meanwhile, my day job is running an electrical contracting company in Manchester, TN since 2008. It's about an hour southeast of Nashville.

Arc Electrical Solutions, LLC. may be able to stand in some gaps for you.

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