Renting out a detached apartment in Nashville?

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I am buying a house in a hot area of Nashville that has a great apartment in the back yard. I want to rent it out to help with the mortgage. Is there anyone (in Nashville) doing this and is it longterm/short-term? What is my best option. I know there can be a lot of red tape with this type of stuff in Nashville and want to do it right. I have even thought about getting creative and offering it to Mixing engineers, I have friends that have had a lot of success with that here in Music City. Thanks!

Hey Simon! My best advice would be to short term rent it. We manage several STRs in Nashville including one bedroom or apartment style house hacking situations and they do very well. Just make sure you have your ducks in a row obtaining an owner occupied STR permit. You can go the long term route but you're likely not going to make as much. If you need any help on the management side, reach out to me