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Hello BP - I will be relocating to Nashville at the end of this month so I wanted to get a post on here.

I am an attorney by trade and invest in real estate on the side - I currently have a few single-family investment properties outside of Nashville.  Once settled in, I will be looking to acquire properties in the greater Middle TN market.  I am primarily interested in single-family and small multi-family properties with a value-add component.  I plan to target the fringe markets surrounding Nashville proper. 

Outside of REIN, which I plan to join, are there any other local meetups / events the BP community would recommend?

Would be happy to meet for coffee with anyone wanting to network and generally chat real estate.

Hi @John Craven ,

I'll go ahead and welcome you to Nashville even though you aren't here yet! You nailed it by starting with REIN events to get introduced to like-minded folks throughout the Nashville area.

I'm on the property management side of the business and always open to getting out to 'talk shop'. Feel free to reach out once you've made it to town!



Hi @John Craven , I just moved here about 2 weeks ago, and I'm thinking the same as you pretty much real estate wise (small multifamily) would love to meet up for a coffee at some point once your settled. Reach out any time!

Hey John, 

I will also go ahead and welcome you early to Nashville, this city is beautiful and I would rather not be anywhere else. I have been living in Nashville for the past 13 years. I am a REALTOR with Berkshire Hathaway in Nashville but work all of Middle Tennessee. My network of investors and wholesalers is large and I would be happy to sit for coffee and talk all things real estate. 

Feel free to reach out anytime. 


@John Craven Welcome to NashVegas! I'm a Nashville native or unicorn because we're so rare. I'm just starting out and attended my first REIN meeting today and it was great! Shameless plug - I own an advertising agency and have a lot of experience with legal advertising. Obviously, this would depend on what kind of law you practice. Either way, welcome to Nashville and good luck!

@Gharib Haji - thanks for the message.  I'll send you a PM.

@Matt Hudson - I respect the shameless plug!  I work for a firm, but would still be interested in hearing about what your agency does.  Feel free to shoot me a PM.  I'd also be interested in hearing about how the first REIN meeting went.

Welcome to Nashville John! One of the fastest-growing communities in the US. REIN is the largest investor group here and has several subgroups that meet regularly as well, something every week. Also, there is TNREI meetup - TN Real Estate Investors meets every Monday at the Sportsmans Lodge at 1640 Westgate Cir. in Brentwood, open and free to members and 1st-time guests.

@John Craven Hi John! I live here in the greater Nashville area, and there are two groups you should definitely check out if you get the chance. Anyone else who is here in the general Nashville/Middle TN area should check these groups out as well!

The first is the Music & Money Investors Group. Here is a link to their Facebook page, where you can learn more about them:

You don't have to be a member to attend these meetups, and it is free for anyone to come!

The other group is currently in a sort of "forming period," and it is being put together by @Michael Skvorak. We just recently met for the first time, but there was a good turnout of beginning and experienced investors, and there is talk of making it a routine meetup, perhaps once a month or so.

Hopefully this helps you John, and anyone else looking to join some REI groups here in the general Nashville/Middle Tennessee area! I hope to meet some of you all at some events soon!

Welcome welcome! 

I'll echo what's been said already in that REIN is a great resource for you to get started with! The meetups have been covered pretty well, so I'll just add that I've enjoyed the "Deal Makers Nashville" monthly event. Great networking opportunity in a smaller setting, and in my experience there's been a solid presentation on something good for investors to know including tax strategies, HELOC for investing, and more.

Hope this helps! I'm new to the market myself, but I'm a Nashville native and work solely with investors, so I'd be glad to set up a coffee or something once you get settled in. 

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