Best pockets in town for STR - (will be primary)

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Hello All,

I recently purchased in Hope Gardens and love the proximity to downtown + the STR returns. I'm only in town 50% of the time due to work and it fits my situation perfectly. I have two friends looking for similarly healthy STR pockets in up and coming neighborhoods where they can get in <450k.

Any opinions on
East Nash neighborhoods: Mcferrin Park, Cleveland Park
North Nash: Historic Buena Vista or broader Buena Vista 

or any other undiscovered pockets that are in up and coming neighborhoods + would give healthy proximity to downtown for weekend tourists

@Mike Andres Hi Mike welcome to town. We recently did an AirBNB remodel that also had a recording studio for a guy off Harding Pike near Sidco drive. Very sleep older homes brick ranches that don’t have HOAs. Hope that helps

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