Investigating Nashville, TN for my next rental

6 Replies | Nashville, Tennessee

I'm a local investor here in Nashville (although I actually invest out of state). I'd be more than happy to connect  to better understand what you're looking for and help you get connected to the right deal.

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Just be sure to run the numbers. Like it's already been said, Nashville is a tough market, and years ago the prices got so high there that there just isn't much in the way of cash flow. That was specifically on the long-term rentals, but it's likely a factor for short-term too. If the previous poster who lives in Nashville and is an investor but is investing out-of-state, that says a lot. Bummer too, I love Nashville!! Went to school there.

@Aalap Sharma

I wouldn't touch anything in residential zoning. Commercial zoning seems to be the only future of NOO STR's in Nashville.

There's a lot that needs to be considered for STRs in this market. I ran STRs and have worked closely with several property managers and crews that did the same. I would be happy to discuss the ins/outs of the local market. Send me a DM if you want to talk further.