Getting my feet wet!

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Hey fellow investors of the Knoxville area! I've been studying up on different concepts/strategies/exits for months after taking Real Estate Finance in college, and I really want to get in and get dirty on a couple flips/BRRRR's. I'm an accountant by trade, with good analysis, research, and strategy skillsets. My background is in finance and financial services, so I'd love to sit down and talk about financial institutions, account or business set-ups, common questions related to taxes, organization, creating systems or spreadsheets that will help you analyze deals or your own systems, and/or budgeting in return for some good, quality experience!

Bottom line:  If you could use an extra hand with a project in town and need some free (but mildly experienced labor), please contact me!  I've helped remodel some parts of homes before with friends, but I really want to see the process from start to finish in-depth, and would love to help you out in return any way that I can!

Also: I want to begin attending the Knox REIA meetings and growing with some of the great folks within the community; can someone point me in the right direction? Thank you in advance!

Hello Alec! My husband and I have started buying rental properties and are using the BRRRR strategy. We have just bought our 3rd property and are trying to buy more as we speak. I know there is a Knoxville Real Estate Investors Group that meets on the third Tuesday of the month (tomorrow) at 6:30 at Mimi's cafe. You can find it on I will keep you in mind if we need a hand on our projects. We are still learning a lot of the tax and managing the books part, I am sure you could teach us a few things. Thanks for reaching out!

@Rachel Pivonka I am hoping to try the BRRRR strategy in my next little bungalow! Did you guys pay 100% cash for yours, rehab then refinance?

My issue is I don’t want to completely deplete my cash flow and I’m scared I’ll strap myself. Struggling with my next step - and just don’t want to fall back in traditional!