Chattanooga, TN Contractors

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I have a GC that I am using most of the time for my rehabs, but I also want to develop a list of reliable backups when the need arises.  My strategy is buy & hold, with some fix & flip when it makes sense.  Who is knowledgeable and reasonable for the greater Chattanooga TN area that understands RE Investors in the following trades:

  1. Roofing
  2. Plumbing
  3. Electrical
  4. Flooring

Thank you in advance!  

Hi Ross, I have many rentals in Rossville/Ringgold on GA side.  PM me and lets connect up via my email/SMS.  I'm glad to share and help.

If you live in Chat, join the Chattanooga REIA. Search on facebook for their page and start hooking up at their meetups etc how ever they meet these days.