Multifamily (50+ units) Property Managers?

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Curious to see if anyone here owns MF properties in Houston and would like to share their input/experience with their PM. To be specific, I'm looking for Class C assets, so companies that specialize here are of particular interest.

Here's a list of people I have or currently am investigating and qualifying. They range from corporate, nation-wide companies to resi-mercial 5 person operations. Wanted to get a feel for the spectrum.

- Pinnacle

- Allied Orion Group

- Rockwell

- Ashoka Lion

- RESC Corp.

- Celtic Realty Advisors

- Vesta Management Services

- Asset Plus Corp.

- Greystar

- CLMS Management

- Creative Property Management

- Tarantino Properties

What have you heard? Who are you using? Would you recommend them? Pros/Cons you found with different size companies, etc etc.

I have worked with several. Ashoka Lion takes the cake. They've always served my investors well and the owners are good people. 

Trey, is this for properties of this size?

They seemed on top of it when I met with the owner, and seemed willing to tackle a smaller value add property (I was speaking to them about more 20-50unit). Since they fit the resi-mercial bill more so, I am hesitant to give them a larger property that they don't normally do. Looking for someone who specializes in that.

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