Multifamily (50+ units) Property Managers?

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Curious to see if anyone here owns MF properties in Houston and would like to share their input/experience with their PM. To be specific, I'm looking for Class C assets, so companies that specialize here are of particular interest.

Here's a list of people I have or currently am investigating and qualifying. They range from corporate, nation-wide companies to resi-mercial 5 person operations. Wanted to get a feel for the spectrum.

- Pinnacle

- Allied Orion Group

- Rockwell

- Ashoka Lion

- RESC Corp.

- Celtic Realty Advisors

- Vesta Management Services

- Asset Plus Corp.

- Greystar

- CLMS Management

- Creative Property Management

- Tarantino Properties

What have you heard? Who are you using? Would you recommend them? Pros/Cons you found with different size companies, etc etc.

Trey, is this for properties of this size?

They seemed on top of it when I met with the owner, and seemed willing to tackle a smaller value add property (I was speaking to them about more 20-50unit). Since they fit the resi-mercial bill more so, I am hesitant to give them a larger property that they don't normally do. Looking for someone who specializes in that.

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