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Is anyone here familiar with this neighborhood? I'm considering purchasing a home for personal use in the Heights neighborhood in Houston. There are two properties, both on W 25th street I'm trying to pick between. One is on the 1800 block between Ohsfeldt and Ella streets and the other on the 1000 block near the corner of Beall and 25th streets. The one on the 1800 block is right by Memorial Hermann hospital- Does anyone know if this is a noisy or non-desirable area?  On the Heights in general, I see Trulia estimates it to be flat for appreciation next year- is this a an accurate estimate? Any other tips on this area would be greatly appreciated.

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I would go with the one by Memorial Hermann. You will probably get some freeway noise at night, but your street thru-traffic may be lower, even with the hospital across the street. Also, it's closer to the White Oak Bayou bike trail, which is a plus. Both of those houses are in basically the same area, but I would choose the 1800 block because it's closer to the Loop, and the interior roads in Shady Acres (that particular neighborhood) are terrible.   

I don't have an informed opinion about appreciation—just a gut feeling from living in the Heights for the past 7 years. But I would agree with that assessment; there seems to be a leveling off of appreciation, but the market is still relatively strong. If you're buying a townhome, there are just so dang many of them that they're having trouble appreciating once you buy them. 

Hi Kyle, 

Thanks for the quick response- I really appreciate your viewpoint.



That's not the Heights, that's Shady Acres. I'm kind of sensitive to that because I live in Oak Forest/Garden Oaks on the other side of 610 and there's been a movement the last few years to call everything out here "the Heights." Close, but no cigar.

Hermann Hospital was called Northwest until they changed the name to Memorial Hermann-Greater Heights. There's even a new Petsmart on 43rd Street that is called Petsmart-North Heights. And the new Whole Foods being built on Yale north of 610 is being called Whole Foods-The Heights, even though that's not the Heights.

Setting that aside, regardless of what you call it, it's a wonderful area and I love it. In Shady Acres, you'll find original homes that have been rehabbed, and original homes that are still in their original condition. The big trend is building those tall, thin 3-4 story homes that are five inches from the neighboring home.

Regarding Shady Acres specifically, the plus side is that you're very close to some great restaurants along Ella. It seems very walkable. Every time I drive through there I see lots of people out on the street walking their dogs. You're very close to downtown, Montrose, and Midtown, and the Heights if that's important to you. Lots of fun spots in the Heights. If you're into biking, the White Oak bike trail will take you past downtown.

Close by, they are tearing down the Exxon/Mobile campus at Brookhollow (610/290). A new large mixed-use retail/residential project is going in there. And they just announced last week that the Houston terminal for the high-speed rail line to Dallas will be built at the old Northwest Mall if that ever actually happens.

The downside is that it's becoming a lot more congested. Traffic on Ella, as you approach the Lowes, is terrible. And it remains terrible north of 610. And 610 always backs up between Ella and Shepherd until you hit 45. But I can get around the area without ever getting on a freeway.

If your buying for personal use and like to be in walking distance to bars & resturants then Ohsfeldt @ 25th would be the better location. Not to much going on behind the Hospital besides a doggie daycare and a Lowe’s. 

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