Looking for Property Managers for Sunnsyside/Brookhaven Area

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I'm looking to acquire a few rental units in the Sunnyside/Brookhaven area of town and while the rents are strong I am curious to hear a Property Manager's - or other investor in the area's - thoughts on what the area is really like and is it a part of town where investors have to chase rents? 

I’m from the area and my family invests in the area as well. One thing I would suggest is definitely interviewing your tenants to find the right one. It’s currently a low income area and has been for years, but currently going through gentrification. Crime is dropping the more it grows.

Hi, I am a property manager and own a few rentals in Houston. Sunnyside/Brookhaven is a rough part of town. That being said, there are investors that like areas like that. It all depends on you. The area is located close the the Medical Center and Stadium. It has quick access to downtown and a few Universities. The houses north of Belfort in Brookhaven tend to be nicer. As with any low income area tenant screening is the key to success. I do not think you will have a shortage of people looking to rent in the area. If you head west on Belfort Street for about 5 minutes you will be in one of the roughest parts of town. 

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