If you are reading this you are investing or about to invest or involve yourself in the Houston (and surrounding areas) Real Estate market. I think most would agree most niches and most submarkets are on the rise. I make these generalizations because I stay in touch with and receive all kinds of automated email/text from about 30 wholesalers daily, as well as my Facebook feed has at least 3 new off market and MLS listings daily. To what end? Yes, kind of to learn more about the "competition" but mainly to see the zip code and strategy trends. I see flippers doing tons of transactions, demand for rentals (being bought at 85%arv ), tons of new multifamily ... so all this heat, but no one has questions for the BP Houston forum? Or are we not telling everyone our elevator pitch? I'll have that conversation at my w2 twice a day at least and send the curious to BP. Why? I might be a nice guy, I might want a referral check from BP or I know that you can never know for sure if Sally might be your next private lender. Or Dave might have an aunt who NEEDS to sell her uncle's house she inherited because she never paid the taxes. Maybe we can minimize the misinformation from some looking to participate in REI (who might be your partners in the future)that are getting tips and tricks from a wholesaler in Washington or a buy and hold investor from Wisconsin through Facebook. Point is, whose eyes did you open today?