How to Find Partners? Houston Short Term, Furnished Apartments

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Hi all, 

I'm looking for people with passion and/or commercial real-estate experience to create an experiential living space within the 610 loop of Houston, TX. This would be fully-furnished, short-term apartments with a community feel: shared bathrooms, shared kitchen, shared & private bedrooms (very similar to WeLive). There would be a la carte services like weekly cleaning, yoga sessions, 24/7 grab-and-go or sit-down brunch, co-working space, & partnerships with restaurants/bars/activity-based businesses in Houston.

Putting together a Board of Directors so we will have advisors that have experience in the hotel/hostel/apartment industries, and the Board of Directors will get a percentage of the company. My question is: How do I find these people?

Thank you for your advice and thoughts!

In my humble view, you may be a bit broad in your questions.

I would figure out the roles you need filled (the board) and then research experts in those fields.

i.e. Management, Maintenance, Legal, Finance, etc. 

If these are the roles you need filled, then write up a proposal and a list of "wants". Reach out to those who you feel will best serve your board with your offer and details. 

If you plan is good, the team will come together.

Hi Angela,

I've been thinking about doing something like that since it's a method that my mentor in Scotland recommends a lot. However, not sure if it applies in Real Estate as it would when doing a rollup.

I'll be glad to chat more with you about it and perhaps we can share some thoughts and comments.