Recommendations for Investor Friendly Escrow/Title - Beaumont, Tx

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Hey BP Peeps!

I'm looking for an investor friendly Escrow and Title company in Beaumont, Tx.  I have a purchase contract that I'd like to open escrow on.  Beaumont is not my local area, so I'd really appreciate referrals to companies that are easy to work with.



Okay, just to be the broken record ... I’ve used both Capital Title and Texas Regional Title and would recommend them to anyone.  I don’t want to disparage other well-known local title companies, but I don’t use any others anymore.

Thanks for all of the great info regarding CTOT and Texas Regional.  I decided to go with CTOT as they were super friendly and very helpful to someone from out of state like me.  BTW, if anyone is interested in a wholesale deal in Beaumont, feel free to text/call/message me.  :-)

Happy Investing!