Duplex 5th Ward or Acres Homes

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Does anyone here own rental properties in the greater 5th ward or Acres homes areas? See the pictures below. If you do, I'd really like the opportunity to discuss your experience. Or, anyone with experience near these areas outlined or similar neighborhoods.

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Acre homes isnt a rental area .. yet ....Its more of a buy land for cheap /free for city and build new and sell with govt incentive type area. Its being revitalized. Once you pull MLS data you will see that as well.

5th ward -- is a step forward where you can still buy raw land  and build and sell with early adopters who wants to be close to downtown ( a bit higher price compare to acre homes and without govt assistance) . Your highlighted area is a lagging zone to this trend.  Trend is  south of 10 and then north of 10 and then north rail road. North of rail road is very similar to acre home where its better to buy land and wait for 2-4 years.

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Thank you for the response. Do you have any information on these govt incentive programs? I've noticed in Acres homes that there is practically no rental and no duplexes so pulling comps hasn't been very informative.  Do you have current rentals in either of these areas or are you working more on the development side?