Newer to Houston - Looking to Connect with fellow Investors

2 Replies | Houston, Texas

Howdy everyone. I'm newer to the Houston area and plan on starting to invest again in the near future. I'd like to team up with other investors and, hopefully, find a great mentor. My big picture plans are to start an LLC soon and to, eventually, be a full time investor.

Hi Scott!  Welcome to BP and the biggest, largest friendliest group of investors in the country.  There are tons of local Meetups, REIAs (Real Estate Investor Associations) and local events in the greater Houston area.  I recommend you try them all starting with the RICH Club, Wealth Club, and even Lifetsyles Unlimited.  All have different niches.

Hey, Belinda! I actually came to the RICH meeting on Monday evening. I've also got plans to meet with a mentor next week so I can begin investing again. I hear great things about RICH Club and am considering a membership.