Southern Houston Area Rehabers

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I’d like to connect with any BP members that are actively doing house rehabs in the southern Houston area. My wife and I live in Pearland and currently invest in the Harlingen area but we are interested in looking at the Lake Jackson, Angleton, Pearland etc areas. It would be nice to hear from those of you who are having success in these locations.  

Do you happen to know any investor friendly realtors and general contractors in this area?

We have been focused in southern Texas and just recently started looking around here so any suggestions are welcome.

Like in any area its best to look around and test the different brokers to find the diamond in the pile of lazies, who don't already have a stable of investors.

Its rough.

As far as G.C.'s go, I was one for 20yrs and now work as a consultant to insure people don't get screwed by G.C.'s...or themselves. (mostly themselves.)
Both of those are really about personality, what you expect vs. what you give. A few more specifics and I may be able to narrow it down a bit.