Any regular meetings/networking around the 610 loop area?

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Howdy folks!

I have attended the Super Investors Mtg.  at RCC ( Stafford/ 59 South), and although I learn some things each time I go, it's just a gigantic meeting of folks.  Some are serious, many just their for the free food and drinks :)

I tried out the monthly REIA, ( & RENC) and sorry if I offend anyone, but that was just too much sales pitch. It didn't have glowing reviews as well when I searched the internet for 5 mins.

Alas, is there any regular or semi-regular meet up in the area? Could be BP folks or not.  I don't mind paying membership fees as well if it's a legit group trying to help and give value to each other. 

Thx for reading!  

You didn't say what sort of real estate you do

Originally posted by @Michael Le :

You didn't say what sort of real estate you do

I'm looking to pick up either a SFH or townhouse/condo. Fix and sell, or long term hold. I have 1 rental currently.

I know the importance of putting together a team, contractors, agents, and lenders who will fund your rehab quickly.

The Houston Real Deal group hosts (@Charles Nguyen ) a good meetup at the Black Labrador, which is off of Montrose near Richmond. You can find them on

Look into the Quest Trust company investor meetings.

@Michael Le - Thanks for the mention.

@James De Stefano - We run a regular meeting every month with lots of content.  Our goal is to add as much value to people as we can.  You are definitely doing your due diligence by asking around.  I posted our next meeting in the event forum so you can check it out there (don't think I'm allowed post event links here).  You can check our reviews from those links.  Hit me up if you have any other questions.

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