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Hi BP community. I'm a Houston native looking to leave my cubicle in a high rise in the rear view mirror soon and put my MBA to use in real estate. Interested in attending Houston area meet-ups. Any ideas on which ones are best? Interested in flipping & maybe a rental property or two in the inner-loop area. I look forward to becoming part the investing community and networking.

I am from the Houston area and just join BP. I looking to increase my network and do Real Estate and put my business degree to work also. I have attended lifestyles unlimited a few times they do case studies on local deals.  

@Racheal Carrillo

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@Racheal Carrillo If I understand it right, you are trying to quit your day job and getting starting with RE. It's good thing.. But do you really need to quit your day job and lose your income to do so... I know many investors who does it other way around.. I also preach many investors not to leave their full time job if it's really providing great financial support. 

You might say, I want to get out of Rate race. Come on, please get out of Robert Kiyosaki syndrome.  We are not in 90's anymore.. Things have evolved and we have human-less cars in many towns. Let's think in current perspective.  You can work anywhere now even in starbucks and multitask. Many of my investors who are building their portfolio being their job. You job provides security while you build your networth. Don't lose out on it. 

@Racheal Carrillo   That's good to know.. I like you to set some short term and long term goal. Put in writing.. Don't have to elaborate.. just simple.. 2 properties in a year and 10 properties 5 years and 1 or 2 flips a year etc., Try to work towards it by planning and taking actions..

Find a mentor or coach to work with you to push you and reach your goal... It's very important.  Don't pay for it.. Find some one who can help you if you are really serious about it..  

All the best..

@Racheal Carrillo I agree about not quitting your job. And yes a local mentor or experienced partner can be great to learn from but not always easy to find. On the other hand, I know lots of investors who've paid for mentoring and said it was the best investment they ever made.

Welcome to BP! Mentoring or partnering opens a lot of opportunities and that's invaluable. The first logical leap is to find a SFR or duplex, but I would like to plant a seed and think about starting with other asset classes. Mobile Home Parks, Small Multifamily, or other commercial assets. Find those meetups and network continually! Networking is key in this business.