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Hey All! I'm currently looking to do a flip soon, but I haven't had the opportunity to work with any reliable, quality and cost efficient crews. I need some guidance in this department to ensure I'm making the most use of my resources and time! What would you recommend as it relates to selecting and identifying contractors? What resources do you utilize (I'm usually a word of mouth type)? Do you prefer using different contractors for certain projects or having a project manager that handles all the different crews? HELP! Thank you in advance. 

No such thing.  This was the hardest challenge, for me at least.  You can do this either way.  I found good ones and I found bad ones.

I think the biggest thing is paying them correctly; avoid prepayments, and don't pay by the day/hour -- pay for completion of a very well-defined task or scope of work.

One good advice that I actually took was this - if you have some friends that are in insurance, go ask them if they have any clients that do certain types of contractor work.  At least you know they have insurance policies in place, and I find that suggests there is at least some degree of responsibility going on in their heads.  My guys put me on to some local roof repair/exterior contractors that helped me out a ton, and in fact they went on to get me sorted out on the inside of the house, as well.  

You might want to just go with a GC instead of trying to GC it yourself.