Houston Metro Area Monthly Meetup!

6 Replies | Houston, Texas

Hey everyone,

I have seen some interest in these forums about doing a monthly meetup, but it doesn't seem like anything has kicked off yet.  So I am making one!  I plan on making it a ZOOM meeting, and depending on how many people attend I might do break out rooms so people can connect better.  All experience levels are welcome.  Goal of this meetup is to network and share information with each other.  Once Covid restrictions start to ease up (which looks like it might be soon) this meeting can start taking place at a physical location.

If you are interested please private message me your email address!  I am going to set the first one up for March 16th in the evening sometime after work hours and it will be a monthly occurrence.  

Hi everyone.  After some discussions we are going to do in person meetup for the first networking event.  First meetup is on Tuesday the 16th at McIntyre's at 6:30pm.  Please inbox me your email if you want the invite!