New to Houston - looking to meet like-minded people

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Hi BP!

My husband and I are new to Houston. We moved here in October, 2020 so were coming up on a year. We are very passionate about real-estate, but are also pretty new to the game. We have one rental property so far and getting ready to purchase another. 

We would love to meet other people in Houston who have similar goals/passions! If there are any groups out there we would love to attend meetups to network, or maybe there are other couples just like us that just want to grab a drink!

Josee & Shawn

OK, there is a biggerpockets meetup that used to be in Katy (where I lived and which I organized).  It has now moved into town somewhere. 

Hey @Josee Fortin !

First of welcome to Houston! I too just  purchased my first rental property last year too and I am planning on soon buying my next one by the end of this year as well. Hope ya'lls journey will be as exciting as it was for me during this crazy market! 

Jesus Roman

Awesome! I also have 1 rental property and currently have my second under contract - doing DD. I'm also in the Heights if anyone would like to connect.

I just created a post about an event I'm putting together. I also created a FB page called BRRRR's and Brews if you'd like to join. It's going to be at No Label Brewery on July 31st from 12pm - 2pm. Just a group of like minded people getting together to network and enjoy a drink.

Below is a link to the event page.