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Tax Strategies/ideas needed - small sfh investor

Posted Dec 27 2021, 07:56

Hey Investors I have some questions and maybe some of y'all with more experience could point me in the right direction:

1. Wife and I have paid a lot of federal income taxes in 2021 (W2) and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on structuring taxes (bonus depreciation/upfront depreciation) to get reduce our taxable income. We bought 2 properties this year, one a rental (financed) and one a flip in process (cash). We also have another rental we got in 2020 that in the book's. Are the benefits worth it, what are the drawbacks (FYI these are all sfh).

The other question I have is - I have a company that does home improvements and wondering if I should be using that company to be contracted for my personal home improvements/flips- would structuring this way reduce my taxable income (as the company has operating costs, etc.).

I know my questions are all over the place but my goal is to get some of my 2021 paid taxes back and plan to pay less taxes in 2022. Ideas?

Thanks and Happy New Years to all!


San Antonio, Texas

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