San Antonio - Find Retail Buyers Pre-Market for Your Fix & Flip

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Hello BP!

I’m interested in connecting with experienced investors who are actively fixing and flipping houses in the San Antonio area who would like to generate prospective retail buyers for their rehab(s) prior to hitting the market, at no cost.

I have a Coming Soon marketing strategy that I have found to be very effective at generating prospective buyers. I’d like to offer my assistance to any fellow Bigger Pockets members who could benefit from finding more potential buyers pre-market.

This is a free service that I am offering that does not entail working with me as a real estate agent. The reason that I am offering it for free is because I will benefit from the buyer leads that I generate who do not opt to buy your project. I’d like it to be a win-win!

Direct message me or send me a colleague request if you are interested!

@Tyler Roicki ,

Would you mind sharing how you do this with me? I'm curious how it works without the seller having to pay a buyer agent fee if they are represented.



@Chuck Redman If the buyer is working with an agent already, either the seller is going to want to cover the buyers agent fee or otherwise the buyer would have to themselves, which may effect their ability to follow through with the purchase. 

The benefit from the sellers perspective is that they have the potential to find a buyer pre-market who may or may not be represented by an agent, from the added exposure. There's a potential for time / carrying cost savings and commission savings, depending on whether there are any agents involved or not.

@Tyler Roicki  

How many times has this worked for you to find a buyer for the seller's house?

@Chuck Redman It's a strategy I only began implementing this past month so that isn't a metric I've had the opportunity to measure yet. Having said that, it has been successful in generating prospective buyers leads pre-market.

Who do you know in San Antonio who could benefit from some more leads on their completed renovations?

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