Utilities and garbage cost for MF properties

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Hi there

I was wondering  who usually pays for utilities and garbage service in MF properties in and around San Antonio. Tenant or owner?


@Simon Stahl

Single family, duplex, triplex, & 4-plex usually the owner pays for garbage pick-up. This is usually covered by taxes if the property is does not have private trash service (which is mostly SFRs in neighborhoods with HOAs). Water is also usually paid for by the owner since smaller MF properties usually only have one water meter and the impact fees plus costs of adding additional taps has such a long ROI. In some instances owners will charge a flat-fee for water, but I find it rare in smaller MF properties. Tenants usually pay all other utilities as long as the building is metered properly. If not, the owner charges a rent at a premium for "all bills paid." If a property is not metered properly for gas and/or electric, it usually means it is also not zoned properly to for its current multi-family use.

In lager commercial multi-family the tenants usually pay all utilities and garbage is paid by the owner of the complex.  Depending on size this can vary, as a 5-unit building may be treated more like a 3-plex with regard to utilities than a 160-unit building.  

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