Looking for Wholesalers

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Hello fellow Investors!! I'm new to BP and really have no idea how to navigate the website at this point...but bear with me as I begin my first official "discussion". I'm located in SA and am looking for local independent Wholesalers to connect with (for both myself and my pre-approved borrowers). Looking for someone who can locate both flip AND rental properties.

PS: If you have any tips on good forums to join for a flipper/lender/landlord, PLEASE feel free to share. I'm like a newborn trying to figure out the world of BP. 

Thanks in advance!

Hey @Jade Florez , looks like we are in the same boat. I just started using BP. Trying to figure out the best ways to stay plugged in.

One thing I have noticed is that it is very helpful to set up a Keyword alert for what you are looking for. I set up one for San Antonio and it's fun catching up on all the conversations going on about SA.

Best of luck! and BTW, I saw that our buyer/your borrower on 1231 Hammond Ave got his property on the market this week. It turned out great!


@Marcus Bledsoe ! Yes trying to figure out the world of BP is very different. I had an account years ago and never used it so I'm trying to figure out these forums lol. 

And yes - the Hammond property turned out awesome! I will be doing a before and after showcase of that project so I'll be sure to throw you some props. Thanks for always getting great deals for my borrowers! You're the real MVP

Hi All, 

If you email or message me I will refer you to a very professional and intelligent wholesaler. I don't play games so I've already done the vetting pricess. Look forward to hearing from you both. 

-Shaun  M Hurtado, MPA, PMP