looking for an investment in Dallas TX

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Hi guys,

I'm new to the Dallas market and I'm looking to invest in some properties in the city area.

mostly I'm looking to invest in a single family home for strategy of Buy&hold.

can you please inform me about the region?



@Nathan Lifshes - Are you familiar with Dallas/Fortworth area? This is a strong rental market now. What price range are you looking for? Any preference on age of the property?

I worked with several out of state investors on both SFH & MFH properties and can assist you. Send me a PM

Welcome to the madness!

Its hard to find good prices on properties right now.  I hope you find something that fits your needs.

Good luck on your new endeavor!

@Nathan Lifshes - welcome! 

As some of the comments in this thread allude to, the real estate market in the DFW area is very strong right now.  As a result, prices can also be very high. I know you said you're looking in the "city area", which I assume by that you mean Dallas proper, but I'd advise looking into the north Collin County area for a buy and hold strategy. Prosper, Celina, Melissa, etc...

Sherman, TX also has some interesting opportunities. About 60 miles outside of Dallas with a 1,300 student university, so lots of student housing.

PM me if you'd like some references of reputable agents who could help you in these areas.

Hi Nathan, welcome to DFW! I’m agent here and I work exclusively with investors. I would love to help you find some deals and grow your portfolio! 


Please define your buying criteria . I will be able to find you property in Dallas county or  other counties in DFW. Tarrant County is very attractive as well! 

Happy investing ! 

Wow guy's, thanks a lot. you are the best.
you told me a lot about the area, and I probably really need to consider my investment area.
I would like to invest about 100K for Buy&Hold and to rent it to the most economically stable tenants.

I came interesting in Dallas area because I know there are offices of some of the biggest and strongest companies are reside in there.

I'll sure be checking the area's Dennis and Daniel suggested. 

Welcome to all the new investors!

@Nathan Lifshes - at $100k investment, the best bet is to look for a distressed property with good structure and do some cosmetic repairs to get it rent ready. I recently wholesaled a property in Dallas for under $45k so the deals are out there. What kind of monthly cash flow and cash on cash return are you wanting? From experience your investment is better suited closer to the east side of i35. Garland and Mesquite are also good markets, and cities up far north as @Dennis Craig explained. Tarrant county too. I shoot out properties on a regular basis for both flips and rentals. DM me if interested. 

@Nathan Lifshes    Welcome to the Texas investment market.   Tough to find great $100K houses any more around DFW that are ready to rent in great areas.  You can probably use that as seed money though in combination with a loan.

200 people a day moving to Texas....lots of big moves have happened and are in progress.  Next big announcement is probably Amazon....of course every city in America thinks they are the right place for HDQ2.   

I'd be happy to discuss with you if we can ever talk by phone or if you come for a visit.

I'm looking at Dallas market, intending to make a buy & hold investment. I'm excited about the growth prospective, and I see these growth translated into property appreciation. One thing that concerns me is the number of properties sitting on the market for weeks & months - it seems to take a long time to sell a house in Texas compared to coastal states. Can experienced investors and/or locals share some insights on it? I'm mostly interested in 3-4 bedroom SFH.

@Cindy Zhang what I am seeing with the properties that have long days on market is really bad title issues (I came across one that had more liens on it than it was worth repaired), or the sellers are asking for unrealistic numbers. Of course there are other issues but this is what I am mainly seeing. With the right finish out and the right price, houses are moving in days if not hours. 

@Nathan Lifshes is your price limit a $100k and then you have more for repairs or do you need to be all in for $100k? DM and we can talk more details.

Anyone invest in Richardson? Just started looking into real estate investing (buy and hold), and wanted to start in my own backyard. Not seeing much on the MLS under 200k

@Cindy Zhang   You should also be aware some agents leave sold listings as "pending".  I will not go into the reason for this but trust me it happens.  Completely ignore any listing that has been pending for a long time.

Thank you @Hunter Hill.

@Mchael Biggs is it because realtor wants to use it as an open marketing channel? It sounds pretty weird.

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