Possible Mentor in California but want to invest near Dallas

2 Replies | Dallas, Texas

I am wanting to get the ball rolling on my first investment property. Still very new with everything and have heard multiple times how beneficial and important it is to have a mentor. I have many connections in my hometown in California and even a successful real estate investor willing to mentor me. I’m not sure what to do and looking for advice. So I guess my question is should I invest in a place where I don’t necessarily want to but have the beginning tools accessible to me or try to find a mentor in the Dallas area and invest in the place I want to ?

@Tyler Moore I may be biased - being local in Dallas... but there is a reason so many people are investing here. I've lived in CA myself as well - and there was no opportunity for investments there at my entry level. I personally invest locally myself and would advise most others to do the same UNLESS they are in an area without the potential to invest (such as my clients in CA).