Austin Real Estate Investors

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Hey guys! I started a podcast on Austin Real Estate Investing and am looking to bring on a few more great guests. I already have a few up with some awesome info but am really interested to see who people would like to hear from or topics you'd like to hear about?

What is your podcast called?

How are people getting new buy and hold investments in such and high price point and hot Austin market? 

Always interested in discussions on creative financing. 

@James Main it's simple, Austin Real Estate Investing. I'm finding deals by making great deals. All of my deals in Austin have been places that need a big rehab done. I'm selling my first right now and also finishing another project in 78721 that's a duplex with a bigger rehab. I should clear $150k+ on the SFH I'm selling.

@Jordan Moorhead , I can't seem to find your podcast by searching that title. Can you provide a link (not sure if BP will allow you to)?

As far as topics go, I'd be most interested in hearing hyper-specific Austin topics, such as how to navigate the local permitting process, what are the newest and most impactful projects going up right now, how is current and pending local legislation affecting our business, etc.

Hey Jordan, are you on Spotify also? I'm on the android bandwagon over here (solely because of the 9mm headphone jack on the Note).

I'd love to hear an episode on the duplex project. If you are taking requests, I'd love to hear an interview with a local HML.

If you ever need a property manager to be on there you are more than welcome to call me.