how is the rental market in Pflugerville, TX?

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I have been able to rent out in less than 2 weeks if the home is in good condition and priced right

Veni, in an ideal world, I'd love to buy a prop in CP or RR but today, it's just too expensive to a point where you won't see enough cash flow. Unless you get a great deal, or are willing to remodel it a lot. I like Leander, but again, it comes down to both appreciation and cash flow in each of these areas. 

@Veni Edunuru there are plenty of properties being rented but in my observation they fall into two categories.

1. They were purchased well before the recent inflation hit here.

2. They have been purchased more recently and the owners are banking on continued appreciation.

That’s just my observations so I’d be curious as to what others have seen.