Liberty Hill New construction Rental market

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Newbie investor here. Not much into flips and things - cant keep up with a full time job.

How is the Liberty Hill rental market? A builder is allowing an new build investment property in a popular Neighborhood in Liberty Hill. The house will be in the 370’s for about 2300 sq ft. The rental comps came out ok and I may have to pay a few hundreds out of pocket every month. I’m looking for longer term appreciation. The prices are rising at a steady pace.

However, I am not sure if there would be enough people wanting to rent in this area.

Any insights?

I have a piece of property in LH that I plan to develop in the future, so--while I can't claim to be an expert on that sub-market-- I've been keeping a close eye on it. The area is poised for tremendous growth and rentals seem to move quickly, so I don't know that you would have an issue. Personally, I don't buy negative cash flow properties, but that is a personal choice. If you are just out for long-term appreciation I think the prospects are incredible out there.