Broker Suggestions for Agent Investor in Austin, TX

3 Replies | Austin, Texas

Does anyone have any broker suggestions for an agent investor in the Austin area? I just got my license and would like to find a broker that is okay with part time agent investors doing less than 3 deals per year.

Anybody will be ok with that because they don’t pay to have you around.

If you’re just doing it for yourself I’d go find a small fee based brokerage. If you eventually want to make a career out of it I’d jump in with a bigger brokerage like Keller Williams to get started. I’ve liked them quite a bit and was with a smaller brokerage before.

I’ve seen some RE investor/agents go with eXp Realty.  Don’t know a whole lot about them except they are a cloud based brokerage with a interesting revenue share structure. I also hear they have some powerful agent tools that uses machine learning for predicative analysis.  Might want to check them out.