Mailing List Website for Texas?

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Hey Team!

In California we use a website called Property Radar to search for our target direct mail properties and export them into mailing lists.  This website is only available for CA, OR, WA, NV...   What website is used for Texas direct mail campaigns?  I'm looking to be able to search by county, state, zip, etc and with multiple parameters:  Occupancy, default, value, loan balance etc.  

Any recommendations?

@Chris Wolfe think about working with a list broker who can make suggestions based on your market. Many areas in TX are very competitive - so you don't want to end  up mailing to the same people found on list websites that every other investor is mailing to. It's hard to stand out when someone is getting dozens of offers.

Your list broker will be able to pull some of the newer motivated lists such as Owners with Low Financial Stability Scores (FSS) or Seniors with Long-time Ownership.

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