Wallethub - Best Places to Buy a House Rankings

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Austin's soaring home prices haven't stopped it from racking up real estate accolades. In a ranking released August 25 by personal finance website WalletHub, Austin grabs the No. 7 spot among the best cities to buy a house.

Among best housing markets in big cities, the Capital City ranked even higher, claiming the third spot behind Seattle (No. 1) and Nashville (No. 2).


Thanks for the article. Although, RE as primary home versus investment are 2 different things. I'm not sure why they combined them into one big list. Example - my friends have bought primary homes in Frisco, TX and been very happy. Those that bought it as RE investments struggled for days to find a tenant.

@Vik J. As a market Austin is a highly sought after a primary home purchase region. That desirability should help increase investment property values and rents over time as well. I believe the correlation is quite strong for property value. Rent may not scale as quickly as home values, but the appreciation value increase would then far outweigh the thinner margin for cash flow.

@Neil Narayan While cash flow can be thin for newer property investors in the Austin area, the two biggest counties of Travis and Williamson saw significant price appreciation of 10-11% over the past 12 months. This means a $300,000 home in 2019 is now worth $330,000 to $333,000 today. I agree it can be challenging to get in, but if investors do their homework and use some patience to find a good property, the massive market demand and migration to Austin for high-paying jobs will be a tailwind well into the future.