Accurate Property Tax Calculators

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Hi BP Austin, 

OOS investor here. Are there any accurate property tax calculators for Northern Austin properties ? (Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leander, Pflugerville, etc). I see that some of the counties have calculators but not sure how reliable they are. I understand of course, that they are poised to change and property tax assessment is a whole ordeal there, but ideally would like to have good estimates before a purchase, given that they are such a major expense. 

Any recommendations would be great. Cheers 

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Any recommendations for ways to get home insurance quotes would be great too!

With Goosehead you pay those extra fees because after all they are just a broker for insurance. If you’re pressed for time then to that route; otherwise it doesn’t take much to get quotes from various companies.  

Both CADs, Wilco and Travis, have the current tax rates and assessed values posted on their respective sites. Just look up your target property on the site by the address and multiply the assessed value by the tax rate. And that’s your current property tax.

Thanks for the ideas everyone. I'm trying to do this as instantaneously as possible, at scale, for many properties. I've tried online home insurance quote estimate tools, but it involves plugging in lots of personal details and home specs, a manual operation that does not scale well. Seems like Wilco has a good online property tax calculator, but Travis is not as usable. 

My goal is to be able to accurately and efficiently calculate all expenses for leads with minimum manual labor. There are estimates on agent listing sites, but I am skeptical of their accuracies. 

Your best bet might be to take your purchase price and multiply by .023 or so.  city  There are homestead and other exemptions that only apply to o/ maybe 25$ month per 100k discount for owners.  outside the city there are often mud taxes so you can have tax rates up to 2.6% or maybe higher in golf course newer areas.  Adds up.  Also, the state web site has an insurance board or something calculator for insurance.  Lot values are high in town so calculating insurance based on purchase price comes out high.