Real Estate Investing IN Canada

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Hey everyone hope your doing well. I just recently got my bigger pockets account and I'm excited to connect with everyone! First question, where in Canada do you think is the best place to invest in for the future? Also if one doesn't want to pull out funds from other properties to use for a down payment, what are some creative ways to get some? Would you connect with investors to do a JV or would you wait till you have your own capital to work with. Thank you.

Hi Mayvon, 

Welcome to the BP community and you landed at a great time. Generally, assuming you're new to real estate investing I would suggesting investing near where you live. However, if you live in a major urban city it's often hard to find the right deals that can cash-flow. For example, I live outside of Vancouver and the ROI (Return On Investment) is a challenge, especially since we are likely heading into a recession and house prices are predicted to soften over the next couple of years. CMHC estimates that Vancouver prices could drop 8-12% over the next couple of years.

That is why I always look for positive cash-flow and I own a few rentals outside of BC with a great return. The Real Estate Guys radio show have a great phrase of "Live where you want to live but invest where the #'s make sense". Investing out of town can make sense but it's a lot more risky for new investors or if you are trying to manage remotely.

Regarding where to invest in Canada, there are a lot of good markets and you can just Google what the experts such as REIN, Canadian Real Estate Wealth, or MoneySense predict. However, as mentioned earlier, it's best to be local (i.e. within an hours drive) when starting out. If you want to discuss more, message me and we can talk further. 

Good luck with your real estate investing! 

Hey there Mayvon, If you are looking to invest, but for the right opportunity, you might just not arrive at a decision.

This is in regards to " Would you connect with investors to do a JV or
would you wait till you have your own capital to work with?" 

I would suggest you go for a JV because you have a lot of areas to think and invest in, in comparison if you go solo.

You can also consult Real Estate Lawyer Toronto, they will definitely help you make a decision.