Philippine Real Estate Investors Post-Covid

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Looking forward to connect with real estate investors who are investing in the Philippines or thinking of exploring the opportunities especially those in the rental and commercial space.

Great job! I currently have plans to build an 8-unit apartment building in Dumaguete but funding is a big issue. Have you tried getting a commercial loan?  

@Michael Orlando Hi Michael - I was born and raised in the Philippines and I have to admit I am a little biased. :) But in my opinion to name a few aspects the Philippines has; english language is widely spoken, a growing economy, highly skilled workforce, huge housing deficit, and a real estate market that is waiting for some creative minds to take advantage of. There are challenges of course and it helps to have somebody on the ground. By doing this, I am hoping that we can learn from each other and apply that knowledge to create opportunities for everyone. When I bought a piece of dirt years ago, people were wondering why I did it. Now, it's a campground and was cash flowing pre-covid.  

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negative on the commercial property loan. seems local banks are more open to fund acquisition of built/ cash flowing assets for smaller projects like these.

Got you. How does real estate syndication works if ever something like it exist? 


most am aware of are private partnerships between construction contractors and land owners. have also seen a local RE crowdfunding platform- Flint Philippines but haven't tried it yet.