What is the scope of Real Estate Happenings in UAE on BiggerPockets?

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Hi All,

I cannot declare myself to be a newbie for real estate but i even cannot call myself a pro for real estate as well. For me i always prefer to join forums that are niche based to learn more and more things about a particular industry, but here in real estate i found that sometimes you have limitations which are in a particular geographical location and you cannot use such big portals if there is no discussions going on but on the other hand learning is something that you can do everywhere regardless of your geographical location. I want to ask where that what is the scope of real estate news and happenings in UAE on BiggerPockets? Is anyone here also from UAE region? I would love to hear about your experiences so far using Biggerpockets forum whether as a Free user, Plus user or a PRO user.


What do you mean exactly by real estate portal?

No one here to answer this simple question?

From my experience BP does not concentrate on any one specific region. The forum is used to develop tactics, resolve problems, develop useful skills, make contacts and to discuss how to resolve certain issues many of which are universal. Food for thought.

ok, thanks for the clarifcation John

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