Non-immigrant status and real estate agent license

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I'm a french student who is attending the real estate certificate at UCLA Extension in September and I'm quite worried about something.

I will come to the US with a F-1 visa and I'll try to complete an OPT (Optional Practicle Training) at the end of the certificate. Will I be able to get my real estate agent license at the end of this OPT considering the fact that I'm not a US Citizen ?

UCLA can not answer me and I called the Californian Bureau of Real Estate that did not give me a definitive answer.

Thank you very much for helping !!

This question is better suited for those with expertise in immigration law. I know a little about the subject, but not enough to be very helpful. I am not sure if you can obtain an F-1 non-immigrant visa for a certificate program. F-1 are given for degree seeking students, not those looking to comnplete a short certificate program.

I believe that an M-1 non-immigrant visa would be more appropriate for that kind of training. M-1 are usually given so that a person can learn a technical or vocational skill that can be carried back to their country and used there. I honestly don't think real estate falls in that category since there is a huge difference in real estate laws between countries.

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