Hidden Market?

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Hey BP,

Yes...I believe there is untouched and underestimated potential; a hidden market.

The Spanish speakers in any market seem to trust others of the same culture that speak the way they do more than those who are not Bilingual (which to me is strange because many wealthy and successful REI entrepreneurs only speak English, which should be the expectation). In Arizona, deals spring up faster than weeds do if you speak the language.

Why am I bringing this up?

My question to the community is this, how do you preserve and re-contact Spanish speaking callers? I speak the language, and am fluent, but my VA's, wife, and business partner do not. Many of them don't pick up the phone while calling them back. Some do return my calls but many don't, and not to discriminate, but I feel that English speakers will answer, text back, or call back more often.

How do I not lose these deals? Are these even deals?

Marketing campaign: 4,200 letters or PC's per month in local Phoenix.


@Andrew LeBaron  

Funny you say this because my friend I were talking about ventures out in the LA area. The Chinese community like to gossip and neighborhoods tend to know each other very well, so if you ask around you can find out where people are buying or moving, what areas are being developed, etc.

That sounds like an awesome niche. I say go out yourself because phone calls are impersonal, especially if they have no idea who you are.

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