Any investors in the UK (RAF Lakenheath/mildenhall area)

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Hello i just got here to the UK a month ago and was wondering if any others were in the area and possibly wanted to get together. I'm still new and am looking into making our first deal next year. 

Thanks for looking. :)

@Daniel Inglis ,

Are you looking to invest in the UK or stateside?  

I'm not familiar with the UK laws of ownership, but that's something to be considered.  

I recall seeing an article about one of those places closing down here in the next few years, do you think it will have a negative impact on the rental market?

What type of RE investing are you looking to get into, and where?

Good luck!


Hey Sam, thanks for the response! 

I am currently looking into possibly investing in both. I am currently renting here, I just moved here last month. I am looking into the possibility of buying next year over here and doing either an in home flip or just gain some equity in the home and possibly rent out when we leave. I haven't looked into all of the laws that are here but i do know that it is hard for people to build here such as large apartment buildings and tall buildings. So it seems like the prices of the houses here are pretty inflated because of that fact. So I'm still in the beginning stages of looking into buying here. 

Mildenhall is closing down sometime in the future (5-7 years) but only for US military, there still will be UK military and civilians still in base and around the base. Also lakenheath is less than 10 minutes away so I don't think it will have too much affect on the area. 

I am still in the beginning stages of what I am looking to do with real estate investing. Right now I am still just reading books and trying to figure everything out for the most part. At the moment I believe that what I would like to do is owning homes and renting out and since I'll be moving most likely have a property manager. There is a property manager out here called base lets that it seems all military that have bought a house and are leaving go through so I am looking into and researching that as one option.

But eventually I am wanting to end back up in South to Central Florida where I was born and buy more real estate down there. 

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