Best ways to move/access Seed Capital internationally?

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What are the most affordable ways to move/access seed capital internationally when starting operations in a new country?

As an aspiring international investor myself, this topic is near and dear to me. I currently use a multitude of online solutions to move small amounts as needed, but for a larger investment? I am all ears for a solution!

Nice to meet you @Hank Wu and @Tyrel McAllister . I'm not sure if this will help you but might be a long term plan. Since you are interested in an international approach, one way to raise funds is to invest in high yield cash flow real estate. In Japan, properties are quite affordable, as low as approx. USD $22,000 with yield 6% to 10% net pre-tax. Properties are tenanted so you could generate immediate income of up to approx. just under $200/month which can be sent to your bank account. The idea is to take advantage of sudden peaks in the rates for your transfers back to your account for the best of both currency rates as well as high yield. Happy to help you understand the Japanese property market if you are interested. Good luck!

@Hank Wu@Tyrel McAllister , your best chance of a fair deal is to use a non-bank foreign exchange specialist. Remember to keep an eye on the exchange rates! When considering the amounts of money you would use for something like seed capital, the smallest shift in rate can make a substantial difference on your end result. Also, remember to do your homework on the agent involved, can get pretty messy if fraud steps in to the picture. Best of luck!

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What are the most affordable ways to move/access seed capital internationally when starting operations in a new country?

Crypto currencies, the easiest being Bitcoin, are a snap - assuming the country you're moving to allows for crypto -> fiat deposits.  And you'll more likely than not make a profit in between!

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@Tyrel McAllister @Hank Wu Of course it depends on your origin and destination country, as that tends to vary your options significantly. Where are you trying to move money to and from where?

@Bill Baldwin I haven't had much luck with trading crypto from here in Fiji. Is it just the exchange I'm using? I hear good things about coinbase, but they are not available from this location.

I have had great experiences using Transferwise. it's a fintech solution disrupting the global banking sector. You can convert currencies at mid-market value, which will help maximize the amount of seed capital you have available for sure! More affordable than a currency specialist, and much easier to process yourself.

@Account Closed I have tried Transferwise, as per your post, and loved it! It's a great service for freelancers. I have some friends internationally that I will be sending invitations to. 

I spent a lot of time in Australia in my younger years. I use an international financial consultant to shift money when necessary. Most of the daily monetary requirements for my investments usually do not exceed the maximum amount I can take out using my cards. 

@Account Closed , I have just signed up for Transferwise and I am very impressed. This is certainly disruptive technology. 

I have a well established relationship with a quality financial services agent who assists me in shifting seed capital worldwide. 3 successful projects under the belt, I believe this is the best way to do it, however I can learn new tricks if they are worthwhile. I will look into this transferwise for sure.

This sounds like an advert for Transferwise! I will have to give them a try, I have a lot of family in the UK.

@Hank Wu and @Tyrel McAllister I can only speak for the space I am in. Since you're here on BP I am assuming your not talking about investing seed capital into startups.

When speaking of capital investments into US multifamily real estate for foreign investors, I might know a thing or two. Depending on where you come from, the currency values are obvouisly an added factor to the equation, nobody can truly foresee. But since multifamily syndicators' investment goals typically run in a cycle of 5-7 years toward an exit, it's somewhat manageable. 

In a nutshell, the investor would co-fund a US entity which we set up and manage for and with the entity owners, to overcome otherwise "deal-breaking" tax issues. This entity's purpose is to invest into US real estate companies, usually LLCs, created for the sole purpose of protecting the individuals and the asett. We search, evaluate, underwrite, manage - the whole kabudle. All this is legally set up and guided by our SEC atttorney, CPA, CFO, property manager and all other vetteed professionals necessary to provide a seamless process and the highest security and yields possible. 

@Priti Donnelly  and a few others here are making a few good points. I can't speak to crypto yet, since that space is still extremly unrealable, volatile and changing by the day. It will become a force to recon with but I can do without the drama for now ;-)

In terms of transferring funds, I'm with @Account Closed , it's the best, cheapest, fastest and easiest to use. [Moderator:  Referral link removed].

Feel free to PM me and connect on other social channels. Cheers, Ken ;-)

@Priti Donnelly I am interested in hearing more. Would you care to message me with some further information on the Japanese real estate market?

Hi Travis, will message you now and send you a free e-book I think you'll find helpful.

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