Young Professional Canadian, Ready to move Panama to invest/live

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Hope everyone is having a good start to the week.

My dream has always been to live in an warm international climate and learn about real estate investing! Life is short why not combine both? I am hungry and a hard worker.

This weekend I've decided I'm going to start the process of permanently moving to Panama from Toronto, Canada. Some of my friends think I'm crazy giving up a cushy government job but everything good comes out your comfort zone.

If there any expats here in Panama in the real estate field, I'd love to go more in-depth with your experiences and advice!


@Zack N. I definetly did not read your post fully lol. I was in the zone hitting a few posts of fellow Canadiens that are wanting to invest in the U.S for investment properties. I did not see that you were moving to Panama! Thats really exciting! What a bold move.