General Contractors in Fort Worth

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We've all had good and bad experiences with contractors. Like a lot of us I'm always on the look out for that next reliable one though. Just wondering if anyone here had any tips on where to find some or any recommendations? Thanks in advance all!

Has anyone used JNT Developers out of Dallas (I assume the work all of DFW, but not sure)?  I've seen some wholesalers recommending them, but haven't checked their references yet.  

We're in the early stages of investing so we're researching everything - lenders, wholesalers, contractors, realtors, insurance, attorneys, title companies, etc. (thus, the late night post!)

We used Finishing Touches on a couple rehabs and they were very good and responsive. We currently started using JNT on eight projects. We met with the owner and one of his project managers during a couple of walk thrus on Sunday. I'll have a better evaluation in about a month. Good luck.

We used Finishing Touches on a couple rehabs and they were very good and responsive. We currently started using JNT on eight projects. We met with the owner and one of his project managers during a couple of walk thrus on Sunday. The owner Jorge Abreu has been very professional and responsive so far. I'll have a better evaluation in about a month. CMR Construction Eric Meets was good also. Good luck.

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@Anthony Aguillard , thank you!  Another investor recommended Finishing Touches to me as well offline.  We will talk to all three that you mentioned - FT, JNT, CMR and see how it goes.  I guess it's not bad to build relationships with multiple in case they get busy with other projects.

you have to set the right expectations when it comes to contractors. 

There are 3 attributes that relate to contractors: 

  • Cheap 
  • Fast
  • Reliable 
Unfortunately, you can only get two of the three with any given contractor... Personally, I prefer the fast and reliable combo, even if it costs me a little more. 

Investors are challenging clients for contractors, particularly in our market. With loads  of investors in the market, non-renovated properties are getting bid up to where there's hardly any margin to make room on a flip.

Generally, you have to choose from two broad categories:

  • The "two guys and a truck" type. Some  of these guys do great work, others are totally incompetent. They often live hand-to-mouth, so progress may be difficult if they're juggling multiple projects, or if they get tight on cash to where they take a deposit on a new project just to get some cash flow. They're generally inexpensive, though, so if you can find a good one, it can be a good ongoing relationship. 
  • A more established company. They're generally going to be more reliable and generally (though not always) will finish projects more quickly. But they're going to be more expensive.

It also depends on how complex the project is. It's a lot easier to do a quick cosmetic make-ready than a structural renovation that involves lots of moving walls, moving plumbing & electrical, etc.

The first part of finding a good contractor is really finding a good property where the deal works. If you're trying to cram $25K worth of reno into a $15K budget, you're going to be frustrated with your contractor for not being able to perform miracles.

The second part would be asking for references, or even better, asking to walk through current projects to get an assurance that they really know what they're doing.

It's also important that you have a fit in personality and approach. If you have a personality mismatch with your contractor, you'll always be frustrated with him.

Finally, clear expectations are very important. Misunderstandings are always going to happen, but you need to minimize them. Unfortunately, in the haste to get a project going, there's a temptation to gloss over things and then be frustrated later.

Most investors will say they value reliability, speed and competence, but when it comes right down to it, they'll typically make decisions based on price, at least until they've gotten burned a couple of times. Unfortunately, that "getting burned" thing happens fairly regularly.

Good luck out there.

I used JNT in 2012.  I am a novice RE investor. It was my first renovation of a rental property and I was naive.  Also i was living remote from the property and had a friend doing the contractor relations and oversight.  Having mentioned those caveats I will say I was disappointed with the final result.  Compared to the price paid the final product / value added was below my expectations.   Maybe my disappointment was due to my inexperience and unrealistic expectations.   For perspective I will add that I have family in another state who are contractors in sfr construction and i did "donkey" work for them back in my younger days; my expectations were based on the quality of work vs price that i saw my brother's deliver.   That is my two cents.  

Many of our property management clients use Finishing Touches for the rehab. They provide a great product at a fair price. Blake, the owner, is a straight shooter and knows his business better than any other GC. Last I heard Finishing Touches completes 300+ rehabs per year.

Hi all

It has been 5 years since this was originally posted. Are there any updates? Were any of you able to find a good GC since then? I am looking for recommendations in FW.

I have looked up Finishing Touches and saw that they have a B- score on BBB. Should I be concerned?

Hey @Khalil Abdulnour I'm currently working with a GC on an insurance claim on one of my properties in Grand Prairie, TX. ( A car crashed into the side of it.) Phase One (Demo, Framing) of the work has officially started yesterday Jan 19th 2020 they knocked that out quick, next Phase is bricking the full side of the home. Communication has been outstanding since I started dealing with them in Nov. and work as of now has been good as well. If you would Like I can keep you updated throughout the process send pictures etc, also forward you over my GC info. Just shoot me a message.