Fort Worth Buy and Hold with a VA

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Hello Forum,

Have been searching through the MLS for a while for multi-family deals. I would like to use my VA loan this time around since I have to move to the area for work anyways (so safety for family is a concern) but there just seem to be a lack of a multi-family available all together much less a deal that would fit the VA criteria.

Just frustrating when you have the financing in place (up to 400k), have a lender that I have used before that can close quick (20 calendar days on a VA is quick) and just cant find anything that fits.

Any advice from those active in Fort Worth where these might be hidden or other areas close that I might be missing? 

I know of a couple good ones in your price range in the Weatherford area. Half hour west of FW. One is SUPER nice, asking $270K. It's a New (built in 2014-2015) brick duplex, 3/2/2 on each side. Both sides rented under market right now at $1050/month. Market rents should be about 1250+. Would be a pretty good deal since it's so new. SHOULD (no guarantees) have very little maintenance costs first few years. 

Let me know if you would like more info on this one or some of the others. In the FW area proper, I haven't found many that I would want to live in & rent out other side that are the right price.

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