Asset Protection Attorney Recommendations in DFW

2 Replies | Fort Worth, Texas

Hi, I'm new to Bigger Pockets and I've started at podcast episode one and I'm working my way though them all one at a time. I recently listend to BiggerPockets Podcast 109: You Will Get Sued. Here’s How To Survive with Attorney Scott Smith. 

It alerted me to the need to find a good asset protection attorney and get LLCs in place for my propterties.

I would appreciate an attorney recommendation for DFW from those who've created LLCs through an attorney.

I'm in NE Tarrant county, so I'd like to find someone not too far away, but quality is more important than being 10 minutes away.

Thank you!

Hi Scott, thanks for reaching out. First, thank you the information you shared on the podcast.

Yes, I'm looking for an attorney to help me with asset protection. My wife and I would like to find one in the DFW area, as we would like to be able to have face to face meetings as needed. 

Do you know anyone you would recommend in the DFW area?