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Hey everybody, brand new member here aspiring to wholesale real estate in Fort Worth. I have been educating myself for quite some time now to a point where I'm comfortable starting. However I'm having trouble finding leads and where the best places and sources to find them at. If anyone could lend me some help I would greatly appreciate it.

Im wondering how I can find a list of probate leads, tax delinquent, fire damaged, and divorced leads here in Fort Worth.

Thank you

That is the same thing everyone else is looking for.  It is going to be hard to find deals. There is a lot of competition right now.

At your county courthouse. This may be difficult if you have a fulltime job.

You're going to have to make some time to make the trip to the courthouse. 

Probate & divorce leads should be posted.

Look on the courthouse court calendar for upcoming proceedings.

@Anthony Le The best lists are the ones you make yourself - driving for dollars gives you one of the highest likelihoods for success on a lead per lead basis. 

@Anthony Le     Leads are everywhere.....so many you can't hit them all.   Probate and divorce leads you can get for free at the county courthouse.   Tax delinquent might be tougher, and cost you money, but you could try the tax office or central appraisal district, or school district, or any entity that collects taxes.   I've had some counties provide for free and the next one want to charge me $200.   Not sure those are really worth chasing though.   Burnouts...probably not many of these.   I'd talk to an insurance agent or 10 from different companies.  Ask them if they have a database or lead source for you.  Also talk to fire department....maybe public info officer can give you a list of calls they go on or the fire marshall might have a list.   

Go network at the investor meetings.

I know one wholesaler in DFW who hires private investigators to track down leads and contact property owners. PI firms often have access to vast databases that the average person does not including divorce and death records, probate, bankruptcy, civil suits, etc and can automate the searches. This person is doing a lot of deals and can afford to pay a PI. This is the kind of drastic measures investors are taking to find deals right now. 

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