Out of state investor help

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We are currently researching the area of Fort Worth and everything seems to look pretty good. We do need to confirm the best areas to look at, and avoid. Also, we are in the process of building our team in the area so if you know of or have any recommendations for top property managers or agents in the area that would be amazing. 

Thanks to all. We look forward to finding some great deals in TX.

Do you have a plan to find good deals?  They are hard to find right now.

I am in agent in the Fort Worth area and willing to offer any assistance I can. What type of "research" have you conducted and what are you looking for? What price range, stand alone houses, multi-units, etc.? Who (age, price range, etc.) is your target rental market?

Happy to help you if we can....I've lived in both Dallas and Ft. Worth and some of the cities in between.   I like Saginaw area, Burleson, Crowley, but it depends on what you're looking for.  Typically I think the edges around Ft. Worth offer the best opportunity.  You might also look at Azle.

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