Is Stop 6 worth investing in?

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howdy funky town! i'm living in dallas currently, and i'm looking to house hack in fort worth. what are the thoughts on the stop 6 neighborhood?

here's my (amatuer) take: i know it's a rougher part of fort worth, but it seems nicer than the rougher parts of dallas that i've lived in (oakcliff/south dallas). Are there any major red flags for living/investing there? its got a walmart about a mile away, the TWU campus isn't far,  and the prices/sqft are pretty incredible compared to dallas. taxes are still pretty horrid. the only issue that concerns would be the neighborhood. if you drive through, you can see that new places and renovations are taking place, so if i had to make a bet, i'd say it's going to be shaping up over the next decade. that's just speculation though. 

if anyone has had any experience over there, i'd really appreciate getting to hear your thoughts! 

@Nick B. verrryyy interesting. great find. thank you! is there a way to find out/keep up with other upcoming developments? and finding out about non-city developments? 

@Daniel Luke stop 6 has changed alot recently for the better. There are many starter homes being built with along other commercial developement. I suggest you drive thru at night to get a better understanding of what you are looking at. Long term outlook is great. But...I like to feel more safe short term.

Oooooh, um, yeah.  I'm pretty familiar with that area. My partner and I picked up a lot in Polytech, which is next door to Stop 6 and nicer, where we were going to build a new home.  Pulled out and dumped the lot because my partner had major issues with theft at another project he was working on in the neighborhood.  We basically washed our hands of Polytech (Stop 6, we wouldn't even touch).  I say all this because these neighborhoods are really street to street. Yes, there's a lot of overall activity, new construction starter homes,etc., but I just don't see it becoming a major re-gentrification area where fortunes are made.  I think these types of neighborhoods will go from scary to safe-ish.  I wouldn't want to live through that process, though, and I wouldn't bank on it happening anytime soon.  The plan that @Nick B. points out is pretty cool but whether it's going to be accomplished in the way that the City hopes, however, is pretty speculative.  Just my two cents.