Anyone investing in 76012 - Arlington

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Is there anyone on bp investing in 76012?. I have couple of duplexes near the Village Condominiums rented to section 8 tenants making over 1% rent. I bought them early this year and luckily inherited decent long term tenants and have not had any problems yet. I have been offered another duplex in the same street as mine at 132k and can potentially rent at 1.5k.  These duplexes sell very fast when it hits the market,rents very quick and seems to be very desired for investors/renters. But there are lot of Section 8 tenants and im concerned about investing more in that area.

Im a newbie investor looking to have a mix of cash-flow and appreciating assets and have few questions.

Would you call this C or a D area?.

Does this price to rent ratio makes sense for the area?.

Would you buy a property in that area?.

I invest very close to that area. I invest in the 76011 area. I have a condo with a very strict HOA and most of the owners are retired. I have been able to do 2% by switching to corporate rentals. I'm actually looking to invest in the 76012 area. My wife and I were looking at duplexes in the area a few months ago. I think if you were able to do the 1% rule in that area then the price to rent ratio makes sense. You could probably up your cash flow in that area by switching to Airbnb or corporate housing. Any area off of I-30 by the stadium is a hot spot.

I really thought about airbnb but that area does not appear safe to me and i wouldnt be comfortable living there myself so im not sure if that will work but im no expert either. Have you driven through the neighbourhood? Do you think it will work for corporate housing or airbnb?.

Who cares about safe we are just looking for a pay check. Totally kidding but I've ran through it a couple of times. I think the neighborhood would suffice for an Airbnb but not so much a corporate rental. Corporate renters are usually looking for something nice and little bit more safe because they are long term. A lot of Airbnb guests are sometimes just looking for a spot to lay their head. I have a few spots in Florida that are in sketchy neighborhoods that I Airbnb and I've only had one person complain about the neighborhood. Most of the guests judge the listing off the actual space. I always tell people when looking to Airbnb just try it and see what you come up with. It may actually be worth your time.

@Karthik V. I have a couple of clients investing in that area. How have those investments worked out for you?

Originally posted by @Jason Hirko :

@Karthik V. I have a couple of clients investing in that area. How have those investments worked out for you?

 Hello, I have had it for 2 years now and it is working out well so far. Prices and rents have gone up. I have had one turn over and got a ton of application. It is a C/C- area so as long as you know what you are doing you will be fine.

That's awesome. good to know!

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