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i’m looking to get a realtor license and wondering if any of The schools offer online courses with sound.  Does anyone know of a school that offers that?

My wife is almost done with her online classes through Stringham. They are local and I know at least a half dozen other realtors that went through that school. They are online video lectures or you could go and attend live courses, its up to how you want to do it.

Stringham was great to work with.  I did all of the course online and then went in for a one-day test prep class.  Passed on the first time.  Highly recommend them.

I second that. I took Stringham solely online since I didn't want to drive an hour to classes (from Davis County). I'm sure there are great benefits to attending some classes in person, but I managed to pass 1st time without it! And they recently started a Facebook group where Brian Swan posts questions to get you thinking, and people share questions and feedback. It's useful. Much better than the old forums on their site that rarely got visited or used.

Emily Hall
Realtypath - Syracuse

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